Women’s Health & Chart Recorder

 Womens Health and Fitness should be of concern for all women. Health matters to our Celestrial Bodies!

So, Let’s Bring it!

One day you notice that other women seem younger and more vibrant, and become aware of women’s health and fitness problems in your own life.

Laughter lines take longer to disappear, clothes get tighter, energy levels lower, and health problems begin to surface.

The good news is that many womens health and fitness problems can be reversed by a change in eating habits and exercise. Real Proof You Can Reverse Stress and Aging – Shape Magazine


Your body wants to work properly. It craves adequate food and good nutrition to maintain and repair itself. It needs exercise to keep metabolism stimulated and muscles functioning. Womens fitness exercises can help with strength and flexibility and you can chart progress with CleverLogger

All women know they should eat better, drink less alcohol, and exercise more to improve health, lose weight and gain fitness.

But scary diets and “regimes” that forbid occasional treats like red wine or dark chocolate, or insist you follow strict food combinations are extremely daunting.

There are many different womens diet products, myths and fallacies, all promising the body beautiful and improved sex life for little effort. 

Every woman should know what foods are good to eat, why they are good for your body, what vitamins and minerals a woman needs, exercises for different parts of your body, how to prevent ill-health, and how to restore balance in your life.

This site is my research into Womens Health and Fitness, to help keep body and mind in the best condition possible.

By our guest writer from http://www.denismackenzie.com.au/